Comparing Data Solutions on AWS and GCP in 2021 (2022?), part 2

The BigQuery Juggernaut


In data analysis, less is more

From the GCP Data Engineer practice exam

Serverless solutions will become a default in data analytics

So, AWS or GCP?

A typical code example snippet from Google Cloud
  1. Google it and realize the official documentation refers to the old NodeJS API
  2. Go to the “latest” documentation (URL: and see a message saying this is actually also for the older version
  3. Click on the link to the new version
  4. CTRL+F and find nothing that says “batch”
  5. Notice a tiny magnifying glass on the page, and use that to search “batch”
  6. Arrive, finally, on the documentation which is devoid of any examples and requires more clicking to get the definitions of BatchGetCommandInput and __HttpHandlerOptions.

In summary



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Timothy Teoh

Timothy Teoh


Full-stack software architect and technology leader from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia